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HR & Leave Management

Scheduling & Resource Allocation

In-line Payroll

Uniform & Asset Management



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  • Complete control your largest overhead
  • Mobile App delivering payslips and rosters to staff
  • Accurate and detailed costing and wage to revenue analytics
  • Manage your workforce wherever they are located
  • Real-time accurate information at your finger tips to easily identify inefficiencies
  • Reduce management stress levels
  • Reduce payroll staff requirement allowing for better skills
  • Remove paper from your payroll process
  • Increase productivity throughout
  • Access your information anywhere
  • Balance payroll to roster
  • See profit margins right down to post level

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20% Increase In Margins

Finding savings throughout your organisation[/one_third][one_third centered_text=”true”][circular_graph background_color=”#3d9a75″] [circular title=”” percent=”99″ background_color=”#3d9a75″ id=”b64828″] [/circular_graph]

99.9% Uptime

State-of-the-art data centre utilising purpose built servers[/one_third][one_third_last centered_text=”true”][circular_graph background_color=”#3d9a75″][circular title=”” percent=”30″ background_color=”#3d9a75″ id=”b9031″] [/circular_graph]

30% increase in productivity

Reducing management time generating monthly reports[/one_third_last]

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Our Advantage

We have over 22 years specific industry skill, solutions experience and best practice knowledge

We have had extensive input from industry specialists

We have insights from market research

We have incorporated the very latest in technology and internet security

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We will enable you to focus on what’s important

Become legislatively compliant

Meet profit margins on a regular basis

Roll over automatically and never have the need to archive

All information can be accessed easily and comprehensively via the Web


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Awarded for Innovation

“Prof1t is a highly innovative and advanced technology awarded for its innovation.”

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ROI from using Prof1t

  • Reduction in disputes and legal costs due to accurate tracking and compliance
  • Accurate Biometric Time & Attendance from the field linked to payroll
  • Leave, AWOL and replacements managed accurately and efficiently
  • Increased job retention due to reduction in wage queries
  • Saves time & money due to integrated payroll
  • Ensures productivity improvements

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