Prof1t provides a comprehensive management system for large complex rostering or scheduling of people across shifts, posts, cost centres, regions.

Registration of staff

  • Allows you to register and keep a central database record or profile of every staff member including personal details, pay grades, groups, qualifications, leave and where they work
  • Tracks historical data
  • Manages grades, public holidays, overtime, time and attendance
  • Divides your workforce into cost centres


  • Continuous roster cycle – no monthly re-rostering
  • Select from standard roster templates or create your own, there are no limitations
  • The Register does not affect the Roster
  • Post level rostering shows profit margins down to this level
  • Numerous exception reports to control Over Time, Leave, Sick Leave, Wage Queries, and Attendance
  • Ability to enquire on guard and site transactions
  • Warns if incorrect grade person is being rostered onto site
  • Automatic access to all historical data – Auto Archived
  • Meets all the requirements legislated in the new 2003 Government Gazette


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