Prof1t includes rostering and payroll in ONE system, the benefits are as follows:

  • Seamless calculations of Wages, Deductions, Bonuses, Leave & Sick Leave
  • Automatically calculates allowances to the work done by a guard or cleaner i.e. firearm, cleaning or night allowances
  • Pays wages according to the job worked – varying pay
  • Automatic access to all historical data – auto Archived
  • Only uses registered transactions i.e. actual
  • Get actual from infield Biometric readings which prove that the correct person is on site with the correct pay grade and records the exact date and time
  • Print, export or send to Mobile App Pay slips
  • Numerous Payroll Reports
  • Automatic Bonus System based on Sectorial Determination
  • Easy to pay people at different wage rates – calculates according to site requirements
  • Ability to pay a person either fixed, hourly or shift rates from complex sites to special events
  • Meets all the requirements legislated in the new 2003 Government Gazette


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